Yusuke Sakai

Once, I unexpectedly discovered a photograph of an elephant’s abdomen. I couldn’t figure out how this photo was taken or why it moved me so much, but I could tell that it gave me a wonderful feeling. The impression it left on me was unmistakable.

1. Reticulatad Giraffe

2.White bear

3.Bactrian camel 

4. Ruddy shelduck

5. African Elephant

6. Zebra

7. Asiatic black bear

8. American flamingoGoat

9. Japanese Deer

10. Hippopotamus


I walk around in this world like a ghost on a new moon night.
Wondering what’s the purpose of life,
The more I ask questions the more I get shut down.
Science, religion or philosophy couldn’t satisfy my curiosity,

I see the earthly beauties being destroyed by humanity,
I see innocent children dying in their mother’s arm.
I learn to ignore the homeless people on streets,
I learn to follow the government rules with out questions.

I am a robot.
We are all robots.
No matter how free you think you are.
You are not.

So what is the purpose of life?
Is there a bigger picture behind the bible or science?
Will the questions we ask every day to ourselves even be answered?
Will we ever be truly free?

My thoughts goes beyond the world and I need answers or I’ll go crazy. (via lost-moonlight)